Foundation Programs

The GAL Foundation-20th Judicial Circuit raises funds and administers THREE PROGRAMS on behalf of the Guardian ad Litem Program of Southwest Florida.  You are invited to make a donation to the Foundation in support of any or all of these three programs.

Recruitment, training and retention of
Guardian ad Litem volunteer advocates. 

Annual funds are needed for:  1) marketing the need for volunteer advocates;
2) recruiting and screening potential volunteers; 3) training the volunteers; and
3) volunteer retention activities, such as recognition events, scholarships to extended
learning activities, mileage for visiting children placed in rural areas, etc.

Kids Being Kids Program

 through which the volunteer advocates may request items on behalf of the children they represent.
Items most children can take for granted:

  • happier birthdays
  • emergency/supplemental clothing
  • participation in sports, the arts and social clubs
  • academic tutoring
  • summer camps
  • medical needs

Beds for Kids

A volunteer advocate may request a warm cozy bed and bedding for a child in need of one’s own. For 20 years, Cynthia Shafer has served as a GAL volunteer advocate. In the course of her advocacy work, she recognized that caring people are sometimes willing to take in a vulnerable child, but they lack the resources to provide a bed.  So in 2001, Cynthia founded the Bedz for Kidz Program on behalf of the Guardian ad Litem Program.  She and her husband have driven close to 120,000 miles throughout our five-county region while delivering and assembling over 2300 beds.

If you have questions about these ongoing needs,
please call 239-533-1435.


My kids' caretaker (their grandmother) and I want to thank you so much for the generous gift certificates you've given her for her grandkids clothes. They came to her home with little more than the clothes on their backs and she was headed today to get them clothes to surprise them when they get home from school! You are wonderful!!!!!!

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