AttorneyLicensed Florida attorneys are often needed to represent the expressed wishes of abused,
neglected and abandoned children facing
special legal situations.

Benefits to Pro Bono Attorneys
helping children are many!

  • Free CLE credit and  after completing online training provided by the Program
  • Valuable court and trial experience
  • Ensuring a child’s future, in only 8-10 hours monthly

Three Ways to Help

Any licensed Florida attorney can volunteer as:

Attorney Guardian ad Litem (Attorney-GAL)

Pro bono attorney provides both personal and legal advocacy, supported by Program staff. No attorney-client relationship—the Attorney Guardian ad Litem advocates for the child’s best interest as the Programs’ certified representative. Online training (8-hours) is provided.

Attorney ad Litem (AAL)

Pro bono attorney is directly appointed by the Court to represent children in a traditional attorney-client relationship, representing the child. Attorneys with specific areas of expertise are often needed to provide specific legal advocacy for a child.

Conflict Guardian ad Litem (Independent GAL)

Court appoints a volunteer attorney where the Guardian ad Litem Program has a conflict in  accepting the appointment, to be the Guardian ad Litem representing the child’s best interest.



My kids' caretaker (their grandmother) and I want to thank you so much for the generous gift certificates you've given her for her grandkids clothes. They came to her home with little more than the clothes on their backs and she was headed today to get them clothes to surprise them when they get home from school! You are wonderful!!!!!!

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