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Every child wants a normal childhood—now! How does that happen for abandoned children, or children who have been abused or neglected? kids being kids

Guardian ad Litem volunteers, who know the child’s individual needs well, can make a request to Voices for Kids for what a child needs. The needs include, but are not limited to: a warm, cozy bed; emergency/supplemental clothing; participation in the arts, sports, social clubs; tutoring; summer camps; happier birthdays; anything that will help the child have a sense of normalcy and “fit in”.

VFK reviews the request and funds it, if the need cannot be fulfilled in any other way.

Help Voices for Kids give our region’s foster children a chance at a normal childhood.

Your help for Southwest Florida’s children is needed NOW!

Here are some helpful documents for our existing guardians.


My kids' caretaker (their grandmother) and I want to thank you so much for the generous gift certificates you've given her for her grandkids clothes. They came to her home with little more than the clothes on their backs and she was headed today to get them clothes to surprise them when they get home from school! You are wonderful!!!!!!

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