26 Nov 2013

Abused Children in Southwest Florida Need Your Help!

Abuse . . .Neglect . . .Abandonment! Who speaks up for our local children’s rights and best interests?  The Guardian ad Litem Program is the ONLY program providing our region’s most vulnerable children a voice…by focusing EXCLUSIVELY on the best interests of the child.

Trained Guardian ad Litem volunteers, supported by professional staff, speak up everyday for individual children in court, in school, in the child welfare system and the community!!


Today, 1,450 local children are under direct supervision of the State.
Although 475 of your neighbors and friends have been trained and certified
to speak up and make recommendations to the court, they are able to
represent only 850 children. 

This leaves almost 600 children without a Guardian ad Litem volunteer to
give them a 'voice' in their own future.  FINANCIAL SUPPORT is needed to
recruit, train and retain over 300 additional Guardian volunteers, so we can
give this help to every child in our community.

Voices for Kids of Southwest Florida, Inc., is the 501(c)(3) for our region’s Guardian ad Litem Program.  We raise the funds necessary to recruit, train and retain the volunteer advocates and to address unmet social, educational and medical needs of the children they represent. 

Your donation today to Voices for Kids of Southwest Florida will give a child a ‘voice’ tomorrow!  Giving a child a volunteer advocate is the best gift any abused, neglected, or abandoned child can receive.

Children with a Guardian ad Litem volunteer have said . . .

I was so scared! I thought I’d have to live with strangers. Then you convinced the Judge that living with my aunt and cousins is the best place for me to grow up. Soon my aunt will adopt me. Being able to grow up in my own family is the best!

Until you came, no one listened.  When I saw you speak up for what I want in court and what I need, I could have cheered!  It’s hard being alone.  I know I’m not alone anymore.

You make me feel like I matter.  I can talk to you about anything. You talk to me about what I am going through.  You make me feel like a person—not just a kid. You care.

When children cannot count on their parents to protect them, we as a community must step forward and do what we can to help!

Donate!  During this holiday season, please consider a tax-deductible donation to help give these vulnerable children the ‘voice’ they so desperately need! You will have made a profound difference in their lives and will be giving them the gift of hope for 2014.

Your donation will help recruit, train and retain Guardian ad Litem volunteers.  Donations will also give children beds to sleep in, tutoring, counseling, summer camp, arts and sports participation, eyeglasses or clothing—not provided by any other source.

Please donate today via paypal.

Volunteer!  Visit for information and to apply online.

Your help DOES matter to children who have lost everything through no fault of their own.

Sincere thanks and much appreciation for your generosity,

Darlene Ann Grossman
Executive Director    

Kathleen B. Davey
Board President