02 Apr 2015

“Beds for Kids” Receives Donation from Local Women’s Group

Debra Newell, Kathleen Davey, Donna Garvey (Foundation Board members);
Cynthia Shafer  (Founder-Foundation's Beds for Kids Program);
Anita Siegal, Debbie Laites (both with 100+Women)


Local Women’s organization, 100+ Women Who Care of Southwest Florida has selected our Beds for Kids program as the beneficiary for their annual donation contest.

100+ Women Who Care run a contest each year during their three annual meetings, held only from January through March. Each new member is required to write three $100 checks to be donated at the start of each meeting. Each check is submitted along with the name of the donor's favorite charity.

At each meeting, members draw three charity's name’s from a basket, and if the donor’s charity is selected, the donor can “pitch” their favorite charity to the group. The women then vote on which charity they would like their collection of over 100 individual $100 checks to go to.

Cynthia Shafer joined this group this year and she submitted our Beds for Kids program as her favorite charity along with her March check. Beds for Kids was selected as one of the three charities to pitch at the group’s March meeting and after her pitch, the group voted that Beds for Kids will receive all of March’s collected donations.

100+ Women Who Care delivered the checks to our offices on April 2, 2015. They also notified us that because of a partnership with another foundation this year and all of the group’s donations will be matched. This means we should be receiving approximately $20,000 for the Kids Being Kids/Beds for Kids Program.

We would like to express great gratitude to all of the women and donors from 100+ Women Who Care of Southwest Florida, it is with great pride that we accept your donation and better the lives of children across Southwest Florida.

To learn more about ‘Beds for Kids’ please visit: